Three Steps to Drive Integrated Care, Faster

Three Steps to Drive Integrated Care, Faster

Preparing for integrated care is a top priority for healthcare organisations across the UK. SAS, a global leader in business analytics, propose that through better utilisation of the data already available to clinicians, managers and Boards, the journey to integrated care can begin today.

In 3 steps, SAS suggest a pathway to unlock the power of data and transform your approach. Here are a few of the top tips suggested in the ‘3 steps to drive integrated care, faster’ Whitepaper.

Step 1: Fully exploit your existing knowledge

  • This isn’t about collecting new data.
  • The right insights are locked in the extraordinarily rich pools of administrative, operational, patient-centred, research and financial data.
  • By transforming data into insights, you can instigate new actions and processes that will deliver greater value.
  • Empower everyone from clinicians to managers to explore and analyse past results and scenarios in order to answer today’s healthcare questions.

Step 2: Change the way you think about decision-making

  • Eliminate the ‘politics’ from decisions around integrated care by putting data front and centre.
  • Base decisions on deep insights with less subjectivity and far greater objectivity.
  • Change the way that you think about decision-making – from treatment-centred to patient-centred.
  • Scaled up these insights could be used to inform new care pathways – potentially at a population level.

Step 3: Get started with easy wins

  • At the beginning of your journey to making data-driven value decisions about how to integrate care, start small.
  • Consider a single solution with the built-in ability to scale in terms of both the volume of data being included and the complexity of the analyses being undertaken.
  • Start out with easy-to-use tools to get all integrated care decision-makers on a common ground of understanding.

Integrated care puts the patient at the heart of decision-making. By turning data into insights decisions can be focused on delivering optimal financial value and patient outcomes. This combined with better collaboration across organisations, real transformation can be achieved.

It will require the right technological capability and expertise to source data and deploy a data-driven decision-making process. But by starting the journey with an outcomes mindset, organisations can get on the right track – making integrated care less vision, and more reality.

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