Delivering Integrated Health

To take a Population Health approach, health systems need to reconfigure around collaboration - breaking down organisational silos to work together across the spectrum of public services. We’ll be exploring the structural, cultural and systemic change required to implement Population Health Management and deliver Integrated Health.
Key topics include:
  • Leadership and system change
  • Connected tech & health data 
  • Data analytics, insights & intelligence 

Keeping Citizens Healthy & Well

With only a small fraction of health being determined by access to and quality of healthcare services – we must now shift focus towards the wider determinants that influence population health and wellness. As we consider the recovery of the health and social care system following the pandemic, we’ll be exploring the practicalities of keeping citizens healthy and well – out of hospital, living healthy lives in healthy places.
Key topics include:
  • Wider determinants of health
  • Behaviours & lifestyle change
  • Public sector health & wellness

Improving Patient Health Outcomes

Helping people return to wellness once they are sick, supporting patients to best manage long-term conditions, reducing the risk of the most vulnerable developing co-morbidities are important facets of improving Population Health. We’ll be exploring transformation of the health and care system to embrace digital innovation and develop new models of care which improve patient recovery, management and wellness.
Key topics include:
  • Digital health & patient empowerment
  • Integrated care pathways
  • Reducing co-morbidities

Supporting the Most Vulnerable

Identifying at risk population groups and developing proactive and collaborative interventions is at the heart of a Population Health approach. By working together across public services there is an opportunity to discover new ways to optimise the quality of life for the most vulnerable. We’ll be exploring strategies and ideas for specific groups as well as looking at how we achieve better health for people at every stage of life.
Key topics include:
  • Tackling health inequalities  
  • Interventions for high risk groups & conditions  
  • Health at every stage of life  

Protecting the Health of the Nation

Whilst Population Health is a localised and targeted approach to wellness, national programmes go hand-in-hand with local interventions and health and care planning. Through the pandemic the intersection between national and local initiatives has been amplified like never before. We’ll be exploring future national health challenges, future Government decision-making related to health, as well as examine top-down levers for change.
Key topics include:
  • National policy & strategy related to good health
  • Pandemic & emergency planning 
  • Prevention & early detection interventions