Shining a Spotlight on Healthcare Data Analysts & Decision- Making

Shining a Spotlight on Healthcare Data Analysts & Decision- Making

If you review the numerous definitions of Population Health Management being voiced by health organisations and leaders, one word that consistently stands out is ‘data’.

“Population Health Management is a patient-centric, data-driven approach to optimise the physical and mental health of populations over individual life spans and across generations”  

“Population Health Management is a data-driven approach that guides the planning, resource allocation and delivery of care to optimise population health”

“Population Health Management is the concept of gathering data and insights about population health and wellbeing across multiple care and service settings, with a view to identifying the main health care needs of the community and adapting services accordingly”

The need for connected health data that tells the right stories and provides actionable insights for decision-making will only be more important as we move forwards. Now is the time to put a stronger emphasis on our data resources, skills and requirements.

This theme is being championed by The Strategy Unit and its #AnalystRevolution. In this series of short videos, discover more about the future agenda for analysts and how to optimise their contribution to decision-making in the future:

  • How can we improve the relationship between analysts and decision-makers?
  • What are the skills, attributes and qualities needed to lead as an analyst?
  • How do we develop analysts as leaders?
  • Valuing the analytical workforce: A vision for career pathways and development opportunities?
  • What should we learn from COVID-19? Which ways of working should we retain?
  • Where next for the #AnalystRevolution?

All videos are under 15 mins, so perfect to digest in bite-sized chunks and include expert speaker contributions from a wide range of organisations including:

  • The Health Foundation
  • Imperial College Health Partners
  • Public Health England
  • NHS England & NHS Improvement
  • Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dudley CCG

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