Taking Action to Reduce Health Inequalities

Taking Action to Reduce Health Inequalities

As a consequence of the pandemic, health inequalities across the UK are in sharp focus.

Recognising that we may now be at a watershed moment for change, this report from The Health Foundation offers a framework of action to help restore the nation to good health. It spans all aspects of citizen life. At its heart is a new social compact whereby government, businesses and wider society all have a role to play in giving everyone the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Will COVID-19 be a watershed moment for health inequalities? offers a contextual insight into how the pandemic has further exposed the extent of health inequalities across the country as well as seven proposals to be considered as part of a longer term, national cross-departmental health inequalities strategy.

Describing their vision for a new social compact, The Health Foundation propose:

  1. An enhanced role for the state in providing social protection
  2. Significantly increased public spending on prevention with targets set and preventative spending tracked
  3. Better quality of jobs for workers who have been undervalued and underpaid
  4. Measures to improve the quality, security and affordability of housing
  5. Action on the systemic barriers facing black, Asian and minority ethnic groups
  6. Sustained support for the voluntary and community sector
  7. Economic development to create the widespread conditions that enable people to live healthier lives

Together for Health asks how we can make this the decade for health equity.

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