Prioritising Public Health, Wellbeing and Happiness in Decision-making

Prioritising Public Health, Wellbeing and Happiness in Decision-making

Whilst the publication of the Marmot Review 10 Years On earlier this year highlighted widening health inequalities across the UK, COVID-19 has made this ever more prevalent. Together for Health asks how can this crisis be turned into an opportunity, making this the decade of progress towards health equity.

During the pandemic, protecting people’s health has been the single focus for the government, as it has been for governments across the world. Restarting the UK economy will need to support an inclusive recovery if everyone is to have the same opportunity of a healthy future and ensure long-term prosperity and wellbeing. The ‘levelling up’ of health outcomes needs to be the ultimate measure of success for the government’s levelling up agenda.

Seizing this opportunity for change, a group of cross-party MPs have proposed a Covid Legacy Bill which aims to put public health, wellbeing and happiness at the heart of all future government decision-making. If this Bill is passed, we could see a future where investment decisions and other activities for all government departments are measured against a set of indicators including:

  • Child education and health
  • Protection and expansion of green spaces
  • Provision of affordable housing
  • Investment in healthcare
  • Decent welfare support

Find out more in this article authored by Debbie Abrahams Labour MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth and co-chair of the all-party parliamentary group for compassion in politics published in Politics Home.

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