9 March 2021   /  Online
Chart of health determinants

Wider Determinants of Health – In Practice

9 March 2021   /  Online

This one-day, CPD-certified Together for Health event will give you a better understanding of the core social, cultural, political, economic, commercial and environmental factors that influence health, with the goal to broaden your thinking and discover new ways to better influence Population Health in your community.

Learning Objectives

This programme is designed to provide an introduction to the Social Determinants of Health. In this 5-hour introductory session attendees will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The context of good health, rather than just good healthcare
  • Evidence and connections between wealth and health
  • Working with citizens to establish healthy communities
  • The relationship between housing and health
  • Working across silos to create healthy places

The health of a population is determined by so much more than the provision of and access to good healthcare services. The decisions that Government and wider public services take every day, about every aspect of citizen life, have a direct impact on citizen health. From planning for green spaces, building sustainable transport systems, ensuring availability and high standards of social housing, creating employment opportunities, ensuring every child has a good start in life – and on – these are all important wider determinants for health.

As we revisit the reasons for why the most deprived communities have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic – there will be an inevitable emphasis on prevention and the underlying causes of health inequalities. Now is the time to better understand the wider determinants of health and how across public services we can work together, both nationally and locally, to make a difference


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09:50Virtual Event Lobby Open for Registrants
10:00Welcome from the Chair
10:10Creating an Environment for Good Health
10:50Why Levelling: Up the Economy is Imperative for Good Health
11:30Comfort Break
11:45Building the Foundations for Wellbeing
13:30What Housing Can Do to Help Population Health
14:10Collaborating Across Systems to Create Healthy Places
14:50Closing Remarks from the Chair
15:00Event Closed