Population Health & PHM – Explained

Throughout 2021 and beyond, it is vital that all public sector services (not only health and care providers) play a significant role in the wider projects and interventions designed to safeguard and improve the health and wellbeing of local populations.

At this CPD-certified event you will be joined by your public sector colleagues from health and care, local and central government, as well as leaders from education and housing as we collaboratively identify and demystify the what, why and how Population Health and Population Health Management (PHM) systems can change the way we approach the delivery of UK health and care.

In this 5-hour, expert-led introductory session we will provide a deeper understanding of:

  • The definition and differences between Population Health and Population Health Management
  • The importance of changing approach in today’s healthcare environment
  • The key steps to PHM and the role of data and insights
  • The role of leaders and practitioners across all public services
  • Working across organisational boundaries and getting the most out of multi-disciplinary teams

Wider Determinants of Health – In Practice

Now is the time to better understand the wider determinants of health and how public services can work together, both nationally and locally, to make a difference.

As the nation examines the reasons for why the most deprived communities have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic, the new ‘Integration and Innovation’ White Paper places an increased emphasis on prevention and tackling the underlying causes of health inequalities. Often referred to as the ‘wider determinants of health’, it is the decisions that Government and wider public services take every day, about every aspect of citizen life, that have a direct impact on Population Health.

In this one-day, CPD-certified Together for Health event you’ll gain a better understanding of the core social, cultural, political, economic, commercial and environmental factors that influence health. We’ll also go one step further to explore practical ways to break down barriers and to work across systems for citizen outcomes.